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Here at Melinda's we offer homemade cooking of all the finest ingredients. We work very hard to put out a product unlike any other.

Pharmaceutical Representatives & Corporate Accounts Welcomed!!

Delivery Available

Monday- Friday 11am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 3pm

$2.00 Delivery Charge

Daily Specials



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Soup : Tomato Tuscan White Bean - $5.50 pt. * $9.50 qt.

#2 Victorian - $7.50
Honey Roasted Turkey, Alpine Lacey Swiss w/ Honey Cup Mustard on a Baguette Roll. 

Hot Roast Pork and Pepper Jack Cheese - $8.00
On a Round Roll. 

Bacon Cheddar Burger - $6.50
On a Poppy Onion Brioche Roll. 

Pint of Soup & Grilled Cheese Combo - $8.99
Grilled Cheese On Your Choice of White, Wheat or Rye Bread.

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Melinda's Gourmet Specialty Deli

344 Greentree Road, Sewell, NJ, USA